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Creative Brief on Steroids

Posted by Isaiah Adams

April 14, 2014


A Creative Director's Dream


What if you could present a creative brief that showed you could increase consumers’ intent to purchase by 18% if you communicate XYZ? This type of insight is what a Creative Director at a large agency called a “creative brief on steroids”. The strategy team and creative team have long butted heads. The strategy team believes they know the best path to take based on their research (and it may be a narrow path). The creative team often feels restricted by the strategy team’s narrow path and likes to have their creative freedom. What if there was a way that both parties could do what they do best, while not stepping on each other’s toes? Let’s look at how this is done and how it can increase the effectiveness of your creative briefs.


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The Battle Over The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Posted by Isaiah Adams

April 8, 2014


Breakfast Wars


The battle lines are drawn. A large amount of blood has poured out upon the battlefield….well at least a large amount of maple syrup. The battle for breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is in full swing. Who are the key players? McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Wait…Taco Bell? The company that aggressively promotes the “fourth meal” (a meal late at night in-between dinner and breakfast)? Although Taco Bell would not be my first guess as the next company to challenge McDonald’s for share of breakfast, they’ve quickly shown they mean business. Why would Taco Bell look to penetrate the breakfast market? Simple, “it’s all about the Benjamin’s.” In 2012, breakfast made up $10 billion in U.S. restaurant sales for McDonald’s, according to data from food research and consulting firm Technomic. That $10 billion represents one-third of fast food breakfast sales. Let’s take a look at the first few chess moves made in the war over breakfast.


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I Have Lots Of Data But Don’t Know What To Do With It

Posted by Isaiah Adams

April 2, 2014


Data Mining Strategy


In the business world, the buzzword “Big Data” has a feeling of opportunity surrounding it. The term is often used in a business conversation as a new-age solution to finding insights into your company by leveraging the large pools of data you have stored in excel files somewhere. In reality, the goal is still the same as it’s always been…discover insights from the data available. Now there’s just more data (and more noise). With the rise of “Big Data” many new companies have popped up claiming to be “Big Data experts” and offer a simple turn-key approach (which is very enticing to companies who have a novice understanding of data mining). While we all love the new neighbor offering us a free ice cream cone on a hot day, it may not be the best way to quench our thirst (and it may be deceiving to our stomach by telling it that it’s full, albeit with nothing of value).




Topics: Data Mining, Data Analytics

OG Contest Winner Hits Broadway

Posted by Isaiah Adams

March 28, 2014



The Sweet Sounds of Good Research


This January Marcia Wasser, EVP/CMO at Source Communications, was the winner of the Ad Agency Hub Contest. The contest asked people to submit a powerful example of how they used research to help a client succeed. Marcia's example stood above the rest and showed how good research can be leveraged. Along with her agency (Source Communications) becoming the latest "Agency of the Month" on the Ad Agency Hub, Marcia received two tickets to her favorite concert. She decided to take her prize to the streets of Broadway and attend the contemporary new musical 'If/Then', featuring Tony Award winner Idina Menzel in a story that traces a woman's parellel lives.  

If you'd like to see Marcia's case study and check out a variety of resources designed to help agencies get the most out of research for their clients, check out the Ad Agency Hub.




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Mobile Choice-Based Conjoint: Answering The Tough Questions

Posted by Isaiah Adams

March 17, 2014


Mobile Conjoint Analysis


Conjoint analysis, aka Trade-off analysis, is a popular research method for predicting how people make complex choices. Conjoint asks people to make tradeoffs just like they do in their daily lives. A Conjoint study has typically been taken in a desktop setting. With the rise of mobile, it was only a matter of time before the mobile capabilities of this research methodology improved. One of the companies leading the exploration of mobile conjoint is SKIM. In our latest episode of the Market Research Minute we interviewed Gerard Loosschilder, Chief Innovation Officer at SKIM. Our interview focuses on one of the "flavors" of Conjoint called Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC). If you're new to Conjoint, you should take some time to understand the different "flavors" of Conjoint Analysis.


Topics: Marketing Research, Conjoint Analysis

Market Sizing Tips For A Recovering Economy

Posted by Jon Griffin

March 10, 2014


Measuring The Potential Splash Before Jumping In The Water


As the economy is slowly recovering, new opportunities are opening up for businesses.  Those organizations that uncover and capitalize on those opportunities first enjoy the biggest gains.  So how does an organization uncover those new opportunities?

One simple but effective way is to research the research.  In other words, begin combing government and industry sources for information on the market size, current trends and areas of growth or decline.  By combining and comparing data from multiple sources, a clear picture of new opportunities begins to emerge.

We have conducted several market sizing projects and have found the following tips to be helpful:


Topics: Marketing Research

Most Notable Marketing Acquisitions In The Past Year

Posted by Isaiah Adams

March 5, 2014


(Image courtesy of JEGI. This image shows the merger and acquisition trends across all industries by year and the impact of the Omnicom/Publicis deal.)


The Marketing Cloud War


Marketing mergers and acquisitions in 2012 and 2013 told two different stories. In 2012, only two marketing industry mergers were above $1 billion (Dentsu/Aegis and Nielsen/Arbitron). In contrast, 2013 was about the big deals. Overall, the marketing sector in 2013 saw 479 transactions valued at $45.1 billion, according to JEGI’s 2013 M&A Report. Let’s look at a few of the most notable marketing acquisitions in 2013 and what they mean for the industry.



Topics: Marketing & Advertising

How To Determine Which Type Of Crowdsourcing Is Right For You

Posted by Isaiah Adams

March 3, 2014


Crowdsourcing Strategy


If Crowdsourcing is on your company’s list of things to explore this year, then be prepared to take the time to understand the nuances.  For example, do you know the difference between Co-Creation and Crowdsourcing? Even more, do you understand the different types of Crowdsourcing? If you do a quick Google search on the phrase “different types of crowdsourcing” you’ll find a wide variety of opinions and language on the different types. I’ve spent a decent amount of time working directly in Crowdsourcing, and even I was confused scrolling through the first page of Google results for this search phrase. The point being, crowdsourcing can be quite confusing if this is your first rodeo. Each type of crowdsourcing leads you down a different path. Understanding which path is right for your goals is the key. Today we’ll look at the different types of crowdsourcing and how to determine which type is right for you.



Topics: Crowdsourcing

How to Prepare Your Data for a Modeling Project

Posted by Isaiah Adams

February 24, 2014


Data Modeling Prep


In the data-crazed world we live in, companies are interested in leveraging their data more than ever. On the surface, people tend to view their data as a treasure chest of gold that simply needs a key to uncover the prize (insights).  In reality, uncovering valuable insights through data modeling is often a bumpy process. “Speed-bumps” typically arise during the ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) process. These ETL “speed-bumps” are a result of clients passing along data that is in bad shape. More often than not, clients think their data is in good shape. Our experience has shown this is usually not reality. To help you get the most out of your data, here are a few tips on how to prepare your data for a modeling project.  



Topics: Data Mining, Data Analytics, Data Modeling

Facebook’s Latest PR Stunt: Is It Enough?

Posted by Isaiah Adams

February 12, 2014


Facebook’s News Storm

Facebook’s been in the news more than usual lately. Mostly for all the wrong reasons. First, we had the news about their data mining lawsuit from mining users’ private messages. Then Princeton came out with a study saying that Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017. Then YouTube juggernaut, Veritasium, claimed Facebook as a fraud by proving the falsification of Facebook “likes” as a way to generate ad revenue (which has 1,000,000 views in 2-days). Today, AdExchanger reported that Facebook dropped two mobile ad partners for keeping data too long. Why? For one reason… and one reason only. A PR move. The question now becomes, “Is it enough to change your perception?”


Topics: Social Media

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